Running Form

Form, distance, speed, hydration and proper nutrition!

It gets overwhelming, right? So let’s focus on your form first. Ok?

These Chi Running tips I have taught for years will help a beginner or advanced athlete.

What is Chi Running?  It is a form and philosophy that combines the ancient martial art of TaiChi with running to reduce the chance for injury, enhance energy efficiency and increase the joy of running. It is used by runners all around the world.

Chi Run Essentials.

1. Posture is the foundation. Straighten up as you walk, stand and run.

2. Alignment is key. Get your body aligned in a vertical column. Feet forward.

3. Engage Core. Engage lower abdominals. This stabilizes upper body, protects back.

4. Use Arms. Let them glide! Glide at at 90 degree angle on flats. Glide up at 45 degree angle on hills.

5. Lean. Allow your center of mass to fall slighty forward. This lean is from the ankle not hips. Lean more to go faster and lean into hills as you go up them. Really lean as you head to finish line.

6. Quicken Your Stride. Shorten/quicken your stride and focus on landing mid-foot.

7. Relax. Drop those shoulders. Focus your mind on your form, breathing and the nature around you.

Important Video:
Chi Running Simplified

Want it even simpler? Here is a great visual with just 4 tips:


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