ChiRunning Form

Form, distance, speed, hydration, and proper nutrition!
When did we ever know to talk about our running form-that matters almost as much as the above?
Let’s talk about it.
When I finally learned to focus on my form and use these Chi Running tips, it made all the difference in avoiding running injuries and continuing to love running. I would not still be running after thirty years if I had not learned about this simple run form practice, and applied it to my running experience.
The ChiRunning form and tips can help a beginner or advanced athlete.
What is Chi Running? It is a running form and practice that combines the ancient martial art of Tai Chi with physics and running to reduce the chance for injury, enhance energy efficiency and increase the joy of running. Runners and instructors use it all around the world.
How do we do it?
We Focus on Our Posture. Straighten up as you walk, stand, and run.
We Align Our Bodies. Get your body aligned in a vertical column. Feet forward.
We Engage Our Core. Engage lower abdominals. This stabilizes the upper body, protects the back.
We Use Our Arms. Run with your arms at a 90-degree angle on flats and a 45-degree angle on hills. Allow elbows to glide rearward.
We Fall Forward. Allow your center of mass to fall slightly forward to begin running. Like a tree falling. This lean is from the ankle, not the hips.
We Land More Mid-foot. Shorten and quicken your stride and focus on landing mid-foot. Practice this barefoot on grass.
We Relax and Get Focused. Drop those shoulders and arms. Relax your forehead. Focus your mind on your form, arm swing, breathing, nature and the direction you are headed.
We run to Cadence (or music in our cadence). Your body loves rhythm. In running or walking this cadence is the number of times your feet hit the ground in a minute. Your arms should swing at that same cadence or beat to give you an idea. Think of the waltz “right two three left two three, etc” to start as you walk into running.
Important Video from my fellow ChiRunning Instructor Dave:
Chi Running Simplified
Injury Prone Runner?
Does Chi Running Work?
Want it even simpler? Here is an excellent visual with just four tips:


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