Run Form Workshops

Imagine learning how to overcome your injury. Imagine learning to run faster with less effort. Imagine learning how to avoid future running injuries. Imagine still being able to run if you are coming off an injury.
No imagine anymore. See and learn for yourself.
My next class is March 19, 2022 11am-2pm in Charlotte, NC. You can sign up here:
Whether meeting me 1:1, virtually, in a small group, or more extensive workshop, you will learn the Chi Running tips and techniques to enhance your running and walking for your lifetime. With this knowledge, you will run with nature and excellent posture, which will enable you to run faster and farther with less effort. You will learn to float up hills and fly down them. You will also learn lifetime tips on how to prevent and heal common running injuries so you can love running more, and run as long as you desire to run.
You will not regret this time you give to your running and your body. I promise.
Contact me (Amy Peacock) today to learn more, or set up a meeting or workshop.
Cell: 704-299-8134