Eight Tips on How to Fix Knee Pain

How to fix knee pain naturally.

If you feel knee pain when you are running, walking, and exercising, try these free tips.

  1. Focus on excellent posture. Get taller – even when sitting. You don’t want to be leaning over your knees.
  2. Engage your core. It will help stabilize your upper body so you can have better posture.
  3. Align your feet and legs forward. Practice this. It may feel odd at first, but if you walk and run with splayed feet, that can affect your knees and hips.
  4. Align your arms parallel. Put them at a 90 degree angle when walking and running. Think “elbows back.” The key is to not cross your center line.
  5. Run, walk and exercise with purpose. Focus on your form. Always. When running, walking, doing strength training, yoga, golf, tennis and all other exercise, focus on your form and how your body is moving in space. Engage your core and put mind to muscle.
  6. Strengthen your quads (front of your legs). Squats, leg lifts, lunges and planks all great. Make sure your hips are back when doing squats. And, knees are aligned and over your ankles when doing lunges. If forward lunges hurt, try reverse lunges.
  7. Check your shoes. If your running shoes are super built up in the heel, that can encourage heel striking, which affects your knees, shins and back. Try a more neutral shoe.
  8. Lose that extra belly weight that is hanging over your knees. See my posts: https://virtualathlete.com/get-lean/ https://virtualathlete.com/weight-loss/