Get Lean

Lifting weights is the secret key to getting lean we can learn from the body building world. It is also a way to sculpt our bodies naturally and counteract the natural age related muscle atrophy that starts much younger than you imagine.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn…even at rest.

Do you suddenly see you are losing strength like I did? It is harder to lift a frying pan, kids car-seats, luggage or light furniture with ease? Or are you worried about bingo arms, creepy skin, your big belly or saggy booty?

I made a commitment to stop the drift before it gets worse.  Want to join me?

You can get leaner, stronger and fitter, I promise.  Add interval training for your cardio AND sculpt your body perfect with weights. I recommend this simple workout to get started. It is easy fitness plan for busy people up and down the fitness ladder.

Got 20 minutes?

Each workout (upper body, lower body, cardio) should take only 20-25 mins.

5X5 Strength Training (2-3 times a week)

Start with dumbbells you can lift for 10 reps.

Upper Body: 5 exercises x 10 reps, Repeat this set below 5 times.

10 Bicep Curls, 10 Shoulder Press, 10 Triceps Kickbacks, 10 Chest Press (or push-ups), 10 Reverse Fly’s.

Lower Body: 5 exercises x 10 reps, Repeat this set below 5 times.

10 Squats, 10 Alternating Lunges per leg, 10 Sumo Squats, 10 Deadlifts, 10 Standing Calf Raises.

Remember to check your form. It helps to workout in front of a mirror.

Keep core engaged to protect back and knees.

High Intensity Intervals 20 Minute Cardio Plan (2-3 times a week)

I love interval training for busy days. It can lean you out, help your monitor your fitness progress, and reduce stress levels. As summed up below by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, interval training also has bonus health benefits on a cellular level.

Dr. Mirkin on Benefits of Interval Training

Millions of of people (including me) who went through the Body for Life Challenge in the the early 2000’s used this 20 minute aerobic plan with success. In love it so much, I still, use it. You can do this on a cardio machine in a gym or hotel, or walking, running, biking and swimming. Give it a try!

Body For Life Interval Training

Begin by committing to this plan for one week and go from there. Rest and recover on Sundays. I promise you will see and feel a difference quickly.  Of course, check with your doctor first if you have current health concerns. Most of the times, exercise can be the best medicine.

This basic plan is good for a lifetime.

You must challenge yourself to lift heavier weights if it gets too easy.

You will not get bulky. You will get leaner and stronger. Everything will get easier.

As your fitness improves, change it up! Add new moves. Decreasing time between sets, increase the weight you lift, increase the reps, and increase intensity (high portion) of your cardio intervals. Or do these 3 workouts (upper, lower, cardio) in one session to shred it.

Excited to start?

Get at it. Let me know if you have questions and how you progress.