VirtualAthlete.com is a fitness and health resource for busy people who need simple advice, and a clear plan to get leaner, stronger, healthier and happier while preventing injury.

Does this sound like you?

You want to #JustDoIt but are held back by internal or physical roadblocks.

You are too busy to workout.

You are super fit. Yet, struggling because exercise and running related injuries.

You are out of shape.  Yet, you HAVE to be skinnier for your wedding or reunion.

You are injured. You paid for race, plane tickets and booked the hotel. Yet, that nagging injury is preventing you from running and logging the miles you need for the race.

You had an operation. Yet, you must find a way back to fitness, healing and sanity.

You want to get back to fit so you can move on in life to achieve the goals you set.

The podium. The gold, silver or bronze. The Academy award.

My goal as a VirtualAthlete trainer is to be a stepping stone to propel you forward to better health no matter your age or ability.  I am here to help and connect you with what you need to succeed.

Let’s get at it. Simple tips and life lessons to get you on the road to glory.

Welcome friend.