VirtualAthlete.com is a fitness resource for busy people like me who need simple advice on how to run, exercise and eat to get leaner, stronger and healthier for life.

We all have that old athlete or inner athlete inside us wanting to be healthy, stronger, leaner, faster, more flexible and happy again. Yet it is the injuries, excuses, temptations and lack of confidence that hold us back. This can start in our first job in our 20s, then it’s the 30’s, 40’s and onward. Next thing you know we lost muscle, balance, bone density, are fat, unhealthy and older than our age.

Time to stop the drift today.

As a trainer and running form coach, my goal is to help you get back to fit and propel you forward with better health no matter your age or ability.  I am here to help and connect you with what you need to succeed and get you on your road to glory.

Welcome friend.